Two killed during birthday event at Prime Development


On August 14, 2016 at 12:53 a.m. two victims were shot and killed in Downtown Oakland . Deceased were Terrence McCray and Craig Fletcher Cooks residents of Oakland.


Prime Development Entrance door with graffiti markings, October 8, from Downtown Oakland.


Candles that were place for the victims now melted to the ground in front bookstore, October 2, 2016, Downtown Oakland.




Faded chalk on cement, writes “RIP  Craig Fletcher Cooks”, October 8, 2016, Downtown Oakland.


Business Owner of Bayonet Gallery, Olivia Bianco-Chaidez, attending a customer. Chaidez had grand opening that same night of the shooting.  October 9, 2016, Downtown Oakland
Virigin Mary alter, in front window of Boyonet Gallery-Salon, October 9, 2016, Downtown Oakland.  Chaidez had heard gun fire and ducked for cover, “I ended up able to crawl to the front door and let people inside who were trying to get away from the bullets.” she said.



Outside Boyonet Gallery, Olivia-Bianco-Chaidez stares out her window, October 9, 2016 Downtown Oakland.

Reporter: Katelyn Payne

Photographer: Cristabell Fierros





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