Coit Tower’s second-year of construction is coming to an end this coming November

San Francisco’s famous landmark is once again being rebuilt, a decision that was made by The City of San Francisco Public Works,  after crumbling rocks came down from Telegraph Hill destroying  cars, private homes, and condominiums.


The Coit Tower is a historic landmark in San Francisco, Ca., built since 1933.  It is located at Telegraph Hill and a popular spot to visit for tourists.  The residential area is by Greenwich and Filbert. October 2016.

The budget for this project is 9.4 million, confirmed both by the city of San Francisco and public works. “The renovation was crucial because the area had so many risk factors and the neighbors wanted it safe.” said Greg Crump, Public Affairs for Telegraph Hill Rock Slope Improvements.

dsc_1618Construction workers on site working on repairing  the cliff, two workers tighten their ropes and fastened their gear ready to repeal.  The third worker is hanging  on a cradle  being held by the crane that is located by coit tower. 

They accounted for two phases of construction as they began to design the plans.  First phase included hiring Geo Stabilization and Bio Stabilization, and the second phase included hiring Drill Tech & Showing, Inc., according to Crump.

dsc_1628Construction hours start from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., coit tower is open to the public between 10:00 a.m. to 6 p.m., during those hours Belasco  guides vehicles and tourists to maintain away from the barricaded construction zone.


The Parking Circle at Coit Tower, on the  left side and center of the circle there are only a few parking spots located.  The entire right side is blocked and taken up by crane, trucks and portable potties. 


Up close as the crane is lifting the mesh that will be going over the cliff and used to help secure the hill.  The crate was taking away from coit tower on October 25, 2016, there are only two weeks left for construction. 

The THRSI phase one commenced on November 2014  to June 2015 by hired contractors, Drill Tech Drilling & Shoring, Inc.

“The second phase is currently finishing up after putting hundreds of holes and putting in rock anchors, steel rods, and they hung wire mesh to help secure the hill.” said Crump.

dsc_2012Here Orlando Belasco is posing near the construction zone,  at coit tower around noon on October 25, 2016. 

Traffic and parking are still a major issue at coit tower, so much that there starting to rush Hoseley Construction Company to speed up phase two.  “Should be done by December, but they want it done next month, they are starting to complain about the parking.” said Orlando Belasco, Hoseley construction worker.


Chris Kimsey  a local resident, noticed the effects of construction hours near coit tower, and had also witnessed coit bus 39 frequently getting stuck at circle parking lot in coit tower.  Facing off to the street near Filbert and Greenwich  around noon.  October 25, 2016.

There are about 14 parking spots at coit tower, there had been complaints from residents not being able to find parking because of construction and tourists taken up space.

“Definitely has affected Lombard and Greenwich Street, they started the project a year ago, said they were done. They were back at it again 6 months after. I used to be able to park at coit tower at night, now there is no parking” said Chris Kimsey local resident.

For more information on the improvement of the project contact: Creg Crump, Public Affairs for Public works (415) 423-4260.

Reporter: Madison Brady

Photographer/Reporter: Cristabell Fierros


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