Members of the Emeryville Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee gathered together in the Garden Room at the Civic Center.  Addressing the fatal accident that occurred on Powell Street and Christie Avenue, Captain Dante Diotalevi of the Emeryville Police Department said a full investigation into the November 1, 2016 death of Mahin Ashki had been approved.


Yahya Rouhani, a friend of the victim’s family, sits during the meeting, taking notes as he listened to the committee members suggestions to improve safety measures for both pedestrians and cyclists . Rouhani came at the request of Ashki’s brother, E.H. Ashki, a resident of Emeryville, to represent the family.  After the death of his sister, Mr. Ashki was consumed with guilt, constantly asking himself, “why didn’t I just drop her off,” according to Rouhani.  At this moment, E.H. Ashki is in Iran visiting his parents in their moment of grief.


In comparison from last year’s Traffic Collision report to this year’s to date, October 27, 2016.  There has been a reduction of Auto versus Pedestrian’s case incidents.   According to Emeryville’s Police Departments involvement report. Ten  pedestrians were hit by a vehicle, whereas in 2015 there was about fifteen.  There had only been one Death or Injury reported in 2015, until the death of Mahin Ashki.


A pedestrian patiently waits for the crosswalk to turn green.  The four-way street located on Powell Street and Christie Avenue,  make it nearly impossible for pedestrians and cyclists to safely cross. “Traffic is going to be an obstacle no matter what, now we’re seeing the repercussions, ” said Miguel Guerrero, vice chairmen of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee.


Pedestrians walking towards Powell Street Plaza located at the intersection of Powell Street and Christie Avenue.  “This intersection belongs to Emeryville,” said Laura McCamy, addressing the committee members as the discussion of whether or not Caltrans should be present at the special meeting scheduled for January 9, 2017.


In commemoration of the death of Mahin Ashki,58,  flowers taped to the base of the traffic light not only commemorate Ashki’s passing, but serve as a reminder of danger to pedestrians and cyclists crossing the street. .”At the time of her death she was going to pick up a rent a car to go to audit one of the many clinical trials, along with members of National Surgical Adjuvant Breast Cancer,” said  Farhad Abad, widower of Mahin. Ashki was visiting her brother who she hadn’t seen in almost a decade, still remained active in volunteering with the NSABC in Emeryville.


Mahin Ashki came to the United States in 1976 to study interior design at the University of Louisville, where she later transferred to the University of Kentucky for business. Mahin volunteered for eleven years at National Surgical Adjuvant Breast and Bowel Project, “she volunteered her time and money to advance the fight against breast cancer,” said Farhad Abad. “I was in love with her, known her  for more than 40 years and  we were married for twenty-seven in half years.”Photo Courtesy of Facebook and Family Ashki.


Mahin Ashki left, husband Farhad Abad and their two daughters posing for a family picture. In respect to Captain Dante Diotalevi’s approach to resolving traffic control,   having   “Police vehicles doesn’t illuminate dangerous of the case.  Speed is not the problem, in this case it wasn’t, it was crossing in particular,” said Abad.  Courtesy of Facebook and Family Ashki.

Reporter: Christopher Worcester

PhotoJournalist/Reporter: Cristabell Fierros


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