OAKLAND—California has officially legalized the use of marijuana, not much has been discussed over the plan action and restrictions of selling cannabis. In spite of the upcoming changes for proposition 64,  dispensaries are continuously marketing to sell their products.  Businesses such as Magnolia Wellness Dispensary and  Willow  are small start up’s, who aren’t shying away from the future of the cannabis industry._dsc7403

Employees at Magnolia Wellness Dispensary at West Oakland.   Assistant General Manager, Katherine Rabinowitz considers her employees as patients and values their opinion, “Staff feels confident expressing their opinions, the staff is the patient.”   November 19, 2016.


The indoors recreational area is set up for patients to feel at ease.  Inventory is displayed to”Showcase different things, to better patients daily regiment.” Products are accessible for patients to view during their visit at MWD and prices are also listed from their flat screen televisions. November 14, 2016.


 Every year there is an annual event held by the Weed Club, it allows dispensary owners from other states to engage with one another. Each group displays their productivity and pitch an idea to the Weed Club for a chance to earn a loan for their organization.  Magnolia Wellness Dispensary ranked as winners for the best pitch at the Weed Club event that took place on October 26, 2016, at the Twitter headquarters in Downtown San Francisco.

_dsc7389At Magnolia Wellness Dispensary,   Dave McCullick, General Manager converses with a fellow coworker. Over the matters of proposition 64 and the tax cost of cannabis.  According to prop 64, retail will be taxed 15 percent for both medical and nonmedical patients. The rate of cannabis “Indoors we pay $2,500 to $3,000, about $750 per pound, ” said McCullick  and in regards to the regulations from legislatures, “it doesn’t affect us.” 

_dsc7376At first dispensaries such as Magnolia Wellness were unclear of the governmental procedures of the prop 64. “It was quite poorly written.”said Tom, an employee at Magnolia Wellness dispensary.  The restrictions have not yet been reinforced and matters of the pricing of cannabis influxes often.   November 14, 2016.


Jason Herrera assisting a patient with their purchase at Magnolia Wellness Dispensary. Instead of upselling their products, MWD employees suggest products for patients that have complaints of back pain or  “offer Soaks that are beneficial for cramps , that have Epsom salt, infused in cannabis,” said Rabinowitz. November 14, 2016.


At the entrance of MWD by the corner, a tablet is displayed at the recreational area. Willow is an app designated to answer  questions for cannabis products.   A live person chats with the patient and assists the patient with any concerns or interest of a certain product.  November 14, 2016.


Rai Cahlil left, and Chris Liu, right at the balcony of Oakland Gateway Headquarters, these two young gentlemen launched willow.  An application their small tech company operates to make sales on cannabis and assist customers with any particular questions on a certain product. As for Liu’s viewpoint on prop 64 in governmental involvement.  There is a possibility that law enforcement will be a lot  stricter on concentrated companies who aim to sell their products at places like night clubs. Nov. 22 2016

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Chris Liu outside from a balcony at Oakland Gateway Headquarters. According to Liu, thousands of dispensaries will compete with major industries. As for small crop cannabis growers, he compared them as new craft breweries, offering new products to remain known in the weed industry. Nov. 22 2016


Kai Cahlil centered in Liu’s explanation on prop 64 and insight on their willow app.  At the balcony of Oakland Gateway headquarters. Both Chris and Kai hope the passing of prop 64 will higher the market value of cannabis and bring more profit towards their tech company. Willow will be moving to a new location in San Franciso in hopes to grow as a company. Nov. 22 2016

Reporter:Ian Firstenberg

PhotoJournalist/Reporter: Cristabell Fierros


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