Emeryville-The Current Climate Action plan 2.0 is a stepping stone to a much greater purpose. Since 2008 Emeryville has developed new forms of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  Along with other US cities that adopted the plan, Hoi-Fei Mock an intern at Emeryville’s environmental studies for public works impressed her peers for her research and current updates for the CAP 2.0 this year.


Across from Emeryville’s civic center, small patches of grass were  planted by the public works environmental department to prevent floods. Part of the plan included, water efficient landscape ordinance requesting sustainable landscapes.


There are trees that serve a certain purpose, for instance across from civic center these particular trees were planted to help eliminate C02 and fuels that intoxicate the air. The CAP plan current updates are four thousand trees throughout the city, an 18.5 percent increase in the number of street trees since 2004.   Hoi -Fei Mock occasionally has visitors who are residential or business owners from Emeryville, or from out of town  who are generally interested in learning agriculture.


Hoi-Fei Mock started her fellowship about a year ago, which led to an opportunity to be an intern at Emeryville’s public works environmental studies department.  Long-term plans  for the department are to pursue, “proposal to PG&E to have public chargers for people’s hybrid vehicles”, much like SoCal residents.


No plans come through without the approval of the Engineer department.Here we have engineers looking over plans and any new developments.   According to Emeryville’s CAP 2.0,  a proposal was added to  reduce total energy in  buildings built before 2016, such areas that need progress is the bay street mall.  Business like Disney are a perfect example of  using energy emission, “Disney Pixar planning a reducing their emission by 2020”, said Nancy Humphrey head of the environmental studies at public works.


A few areas that need to be addressed, “transportation is an issue, better policy in general for low carbon C02E to be accessible and affordable,” said Mock. Emeryville’s environmental studies department is hoping to promote active transportation, such as biking or walking. A study based on,”people who worked and lived in Emeryville drove the most in the city” whereas “bay area residents did not drive out to Emeryville to work” instead they took transit, says Humphrey.


Developing new ideas for an eco-friendly community is not the issue,” fundraising biggest challenge, we don’t necessarily have funds,” said Mock .  In spite of the obstacles,  the city of Emeryville were amongst the first cities to create the CAP 2.0 to address sea level concerns in the bay and other major environmental factors. “Most importantly to keep going, science doesn’t stop because of politics.”


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