OAKLAND- It has been quite a rough month for Nas Khan, owner of FRIN Graphics in Downtown Oakland. Last Wednesday his rental vehicle was broken in, breaking two windows and taking his personal belongings.  The damage would cost Khan almost $300 dollars to repair out of his own pocket. After reporting the incident that same night to the Oakland Police Department, “no one came”, unless there is a homicide added Khan.  According to the Oakland Police Department’s weekly crime report, between March 20 and 26 there has been 18 Motor Vehicle Thefts, approximately 226 in total this year. Number of Auto Burglaries were 17 that same week, which double this year, at 660 comparing to 482 from last year’s report in Downtown Oakland.

On Tuesday morning, Khan came to his business store with a huge shattered window, but this wouldn’t be the first time. If you walk by Telegraph and 15th street, you’ll notice FRIN Graphics’ has two visible shattered glass windows.  Pointing out to the glass window on right, Khan explained that member of the Occupy Oakland had damaged top, while bottom part was damaged by rioters who were furious over Trump’s presidential winning.  In addition, last year a bullet had gone through his other glass window during closing hours, leaving a small yet noticeable hole on his wall.  In the past, Khan would immediately report incident to the Oakland Police Department, but after two years in the same location.  Reporting a crime in Downtown Oakland is not unusual, if “crime is nothing, no value, they don’t come or talk,” said Khan.

After receiving a warning from his landlord, Khan had no choice but to replace one of the glass windows with his insurance policy. Part the reason he complied was because it bothered him that potential clients might see damaged glass windows, which is bad for business.  Regrettably, after replacing his window twice in short span of 4-6 months, Khan’s insurance company, State Farm cancelled his policy.  This time it will come out his pocket, with a small business to run, he is unable to pay for a new window.


This would be the third-time he files a report with OPD for vandalism, business owners like Khan can also access through City of Oakland website and report a crime online. At first the Oakland Police Department didn’t take his cases seriously, but after repeated break in attempts were reported. Khan received a confirmation notice by Oakland Police Department via e-mail that they were approving his case as an ongoing investigation. As for Khan, despite the misfortunes of this month, owner of Frin Graphics did not feel he was being targeted. While this may be just a small victory for Nas Khan, other businesses in Downtown Oakland are also targeted, more robberies continue to happen every week this past year in comparison to the last three years.


If you like to report a crime, please refer to Oakland City website or simply call at (510) 777-3333.










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